Daily Routine

  1. At 9.30am parents and children arrive with their lunches, water bottles and spare clothes bag.  Children put their lunch-bags and water bottles on the lunch trolley and find their name tag for their peg.  Parents help their child find their peg to hang up bags and coats.
  1. The children say goodbye and go straight into the playroom.  
  1. Children play until registration time and then there will be a morning snack which we provide – toast, fruit, milk and water.
  1. Free playtime including our activity of the day for our topic of the week.  Around 11.30am we have an activity for the 2 year-olds and "letters and sounds" time for the older children.  

  1. Lunchtime at 12.15pm when the children sit down for their packed lunch

  1. Then more free playtime until 1.45pm when we tidy-up and we all help – so no excuses at home, children!

  1. Winding down with quiet sensory time and stories or circle time and singing.

  1. Parents can collect their children between 2.15pm and 2.30pm. Please don’t forget to pick up your child’s coat, bag, water bottle, lunchbox and any artwork. 

Please ring us if your child is unable to attend playgroup for any reason so we know you are not coming. 

Please collect your child promptly by 2.30pm.