What Will My Child Do?

We follow a daily routine but the children have a lot of time for free play where they can choose what they want to play with.  Whilst they may not realise it we have planned the day so that they have a variety of toys and different things to explore.  Everything we offer the children has a planned learning intention.  

We also have a topic of the week and each day we run a different activity based around that topic.  Children may spend time with their Keyworker for activities as well.  For a short period in the day we have an activity for the 2 year-olds whilst the older children enjoy "letters and sounds" time. At the end of the day we often have circle time when we sing our favourite songs.  

We are also child-led:  if the children suggest something they would like to do we try to do it if possible.

Play Areas

Messy Room:

  • Workshop Area – get creative with paint, glue, stickers, junk and craft items  
  • Malleable Area – often playdough with lots of cutter-shapes and rolling pins but sometimes its shaving foam, flour and water or even custard to get hands feeling different textures 
  • Role Play – we have a play kitchen to cook breakfast or make cup of tea; dressing up clothes to be Batman, Spiderman, a chef or a princess; and dolls to feed, dress or take for a stroll in a pram
  • Sand and Water Play – lots of splashing, pouring and stirring in our water tray.  We often have a sand tray to dig in but sometimes it's lentils, tea-leaves, rice, pasta, sawdust …..

Main Room:  
  • Maths Area – jigsaws, dominoes, counting items, scales, magnetic shapes, pattern matching 
  • Physical Play – climbing frame, slide, balance beams and rockers burn off energy
  • Literacy – our book corner is a quiet place to look at books independently or with an Auntie 
  • Quiet Area – a space to chill out with comfy cushions and soft toys
  • Mark Making – mark making is the precursor to writing.  We have pens, crayons, chalk, whiteboards, stencils, texture boards, notepads, printing sets – but we also make marks in sand, tea leaves,flour, etc
  • Small World – cars, garage, dolls house, pets, trains, farm, space station, fire station, Peppa Pig, the Arctic and more mini worlds to explore
  • Construction – Duplo, Sticklebricks, building blocks, popoids and more
  • Role Play – we can be doctors, hairdressers, travel agents, builders .....


We try to get outside whenever we can.  Sometimes we bring indoor toys outside 
for a change but we also have:
  • Tricycles  
  • Scooter
  • Balls
  • Low basket ball net
  • Hula hoops
  • Large soft building bricks
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Parachute