Collecting Your Child - General

  • Please collect your child between 2.15pm and 2.30pm.
  • We would very much appreciate it if you did not knock on the door to collect before 2.15pm unless by prior arrangement – when parents start collecting we need, for safety, two Aunties supervising collection and before 2.15pm we need all the Aunties to look after the children and pack away. 
  • Please note that we issue a fine for late collection - please see Late Collection below for more information.
  • Don’t forget to pick up your child’s lunch box, drinks bottle, spare clothes bag and check the table for any artwork your child may have done that day! 
  • Please read our Uncollected Child policy.

What if I Need Someone Else to Collect My Child?

If you need someone other than the normal designated person to collect your child then you must tell us in person beforehand or contact us by telephone to arrange this.  When this person collects your child they must be able to tell us the password that you provided to us when your child started at Cherry Trees.  We will not release a child for collection unless we are absolutely certain of the identity of the person coming to collect a child. 

Late Collection

  • Children must be collected between 2.15pm and 2.30pm.
Please note that the hall is hired until 2.30pm and after a session the Aunties all have other commitments – either going to another job or collecting their own children from school – and need to leave promptly.  If a parent is late then two members of staff must remain on site until the child is collected.  This means the Aunties have to try to make last minute alternative arrangements for the collection of their own children from school which can be very difficult. 

It can also be very upsetting for a child to be the only one left at the end of a session.

We understand that parents have busy lives and sometimes collecting on time may be a problem.  Unfortunately, because we have had some parents habitually collecting their child late, and because of the difficulty this causes staff and upset to the child, we have felt it necessary to issues fines for late collection.  This is in-keeping with the policies of many other playgroups and nurseries.

  • The following fines are strictly applied after 2.30pm (time is taken from the clock in the foyer which is regularly checked with the Speaking Clock for accuracy):

Collection after 2.30pm but on or before 2.35pm = £5 total fine

Collection after 2.35pm but on or before 2.40pm = £10 total fine

Collection after 2.40pm but on or before 2.45pm = £20 total fine

Collection after 2.45pm but on or before 2.50pm = £30 total fine and so on with £10 increment per further 5 minutes