Parents' Feedback

2020 Parents' Feedback Questionnaire Comments 

"The care and development of my children is brilliant"I always feel 100% confident they will be well looked after."

"They do a variety of activities and my child always talks about what they have done that day."

"My child is so happy to come to nursery every day.  That's all I can ask for."  well looked after."                                              

"Nurturing and caring for our child.  Finding opportunities for them to learn and play.  Supporting them in their growth.  We like how you let the children follow their interests whilst also encouraging them to develop new skills."

"Communication with each staff member is strong and each member is very considerate and caring to the children."

"Really welcoming environment.  I feel my daughter is safe and well looked after.  She certainly enjoys playgroup and loves her key worker."

2019 Parents' Feedback Questionnaire Comments

"I think the level of care and service at Cherry Trees is outstanding." 

"Really happy with the service and how inclusive the setting is  My child is settled and loves all the different activities.  We feel she will be well prepared for a school setting."

"Standard of care is excellent."  

"Cherry Trees is absolutely fantastic.  The aunties have been brilliant at settling in our child and she seem to enjoy her time there."

"Easy to confide in – very comforting with the children – she has always struggled to leave me, however loves coming to playgroup."

"Friendly, caring and attentive.  I’m so happy how my children have settled in - they love coming to nursery."

"Each term’s new projects are exciting and different.  There is a lot of creative development in terms of imaginative play and crafts/art which I think is very important.  The main thing is how well she has settled and enjoys spending time with all the Aunties.  It is a very nourishing and caring environment."

"It is always nice to get feedback from the communication books.  I like the art and craft things we get to take home.  Quick to respond to emails and communications.  Nativity show was so lovely!!" 

"Your communication is far superior to his nursery - thanks."

"Children are well cared for and feel welcome.  They feel safe and happy to explore new things." 

"Approachable, kind, friendly, caring and professional."

2017 Parents' Feedback Questionnaire Comments

"I love the fact that you do not rely on TV or iPad to entertain the children and you provide a huge variety of activities is wonderful that you bring interesting people to meet the children, eg Ranger Rob and the tooth brushing lady, and of course the seasonal shows you put on are great!"  
"The manager has a lovely manner and whenever I approach her I always feel reassured.  Nothing seems like too much trouble for you!"

"Lovely staff that actually care about the children."

"Fantastic nursery, would highly recommend to family and friends - my child loves coming here and they feel safe.  Keep up what you are doing!  10/10!"

"Good communication from staff members and management."

"I love the way you nurture our child's interests and keep us updated as to what she has been up to with you - this make partnering with you easy and, I hope, helps all of us draw the best out of her."

"The staff are wonderful, approachable and welcoming.  My child seems to enjoy the daily routine at Cherry Trees and socialising with a wide age range of children."

"I genuinely can't find fault with the service you provide.  My child adores coming to playgroup and is thriving there."

"My child loves coming to Cherry Trees and she loves all of the Aunties.  You are all patient, kind and most importantly fun!  Thank you!"

"My little girl absolutely loves this nursery.  She gets excited in the morning when I tell her it's a nursery day.  She loves to draw and paint pictures which we are collecting in a box at home......  you are caring and actually show an interest!"

"Excellent support for both children and parents.  All staff have a very caring nature and are approachable.  Thank you so much for making both my child and I so happy and comfortable with Cherry Trees."

"In my opinion there is very little that Cherry Trees could do to improve the service and care for the children.  The only thing that would benefit us would be to offer longer hours, Wednesday opening and holiday clubs."  [Unfortunately, we cannot open on Wednesdays as the Church holds a toddler group that day.  Many of our staff have children of their own that they need to get to school and collect so it is difficult to increase our opening hours at the moment.]

"To have a better outdoor space would be great." [We do use our outside area but it can get waterlogged in places.  We are currently trying to raise funds to put an all-weather surface down which will eliminate the waterlogging and mud.]

"I am happy with everything."

"I love reading my child's communication book to see what she has been doing.  Thank you for all your hard work."

"My child has not been attending for very long and only comes once a week but she has settled in very quickly and tells me what a good time she has had.  The communication books are a great idea, as well as the newsletter.  Overall you are doing a great job!"

"Good communication from staff members and management."

"We just love the Cherry Trees set up. If you could open 15 minutes earlier it would be great but we realise this is just not possible."

2016 Parents' Feedback Questionnaire Comments

"I couldn't be more pleased that we chose Cherry Trees for our child."

"All the Aunties are fantastic with the children and do a great job!"

"I absolutely love the Communication Book. I really do enjoy reading what my child has done in the day. It also shows a genuine interest is taken in the children.  I also think Cherry Trees is really well organised and I'm pleased the children have to sit at the table to eat!"

"The Communication Book is an excellent means of communicating effectively and concerns are dealt with promptly."

"I love the Communication Book - I feel I have an insight into my child's day."

"My child struggles some mornings and a special effort is made to ensure she is comforted. We understand that staff are busy so that is greatly appreciated." [We know saying goodbye to Mum or Dad can be hard - we are happy to spend time settling your child.]

"I am thrilled with my child's progress during their time at Cherry Trees.  The amount of different activities you provide is excellent.  I love the text message system. Thank you for all the hard work you put into each day."

"Thank you for making my child feel happy, safe and secure."

2015 Parents’ Feedback Questionnaire Comments 

“My children always come out happy and with lots of tales to tell – they have fun at Playgroup.”

“All staff are approachable and welcoming.  I love the fact that the children get to refer to the staff as “Auntie” – gives the environment a more “homely” feel.  Placing my child in Cherry Trees has had a very positive effect on my child’s development and social skills.”

“I love the idea of the Communication Book because it keeps me up-to-date on what my child is doing.”

“I am glad that I chose Cherry Trees.  My child always comes home happy and smiling and it makes me very happy.”

“Amazing Aunties."

“My child has learnt a lot of new songs and sings them all the time.  He has made lots of friends including the Aunties!”

“Feedback on my child’s progress via the Communication Book is a great idea and is always filled in.  My child is always happy to attend and also to show the work they have done.  Couldn’t have picked a better setting for my child.”

“I am happy with the care that is provided.  I am always greeted by friendly staff and made welcome.  I love reading the Communication Book every session.”

“Providing meals would be wonderful.”  [We are very sorry but we do not have the kitchen facilities or staffing to provide meals at lunchtime so we ask children to bring a packed lunch.  We do provide milk, water, toast and fruit for a morning snack.]

“It would be great if you had longer opening times and were also open five days a week.” [We would love to be open five days a week but the Church needs the hall on Wednesdays for its own Toddler Group.  We cannot open earlier as many of our staff have children of their own to get to school in the morning plus it takes some time to set up for the day as we are a pack-away playgroup.]