Healthy Eating

Cherry Trees has a Healthy Eating policy and we ask parents to please supply a packed lunch based on this:

  • no fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate please.
  • no nuts or products with nuts (eg Nutella) as we can have children with nut allergies attending.
  • please bring a drinks bottle which we can fill with water – the children can help themselves to their water bottle whenever they like.  No juice of any kind, we only allow water as part of our membership of the Golden Apple Scheme.
  • If your child does not eat sandwiches that is okay: put in something healthy which you know they will eat.  Some examples of healthy packed lunch ideas can be found via the NHS website.

At snack time we provide water, milk, a range of fruit and toast. 

We ensure the children wash their hands before eating lunch or a snack.

Staff who prepare snacks have all gained a certificate in Food Hygiene.

Please let us know if your child has any allergies.

Snack time and lunchtime are social, learning times when we can sit down with our friends to enjoy our food.  At the Aunties sit with their group of children to provide good examples of table manners and behaviour and to encourage conversation to help the children to socialise. 

It is our policy to return, wherever possible, uneaten food so you can see how much your child has eaten for lunch.