Art Gallery 

We do lots of art and craft.  To the children it is sticking, gluing and painting but really they are learning to: choose their own resources, be creative, recognise colours, control a pen or paintbrush, take turns and share.  We talk about what we are doing and why and link it into our topic of the week.  Don't worry if your child has not made something that the other children have: we encourage all the children to have a go but some prefer to do other activities and whatever they do at Cherry Trees they are always learning!

The Queen's 90th Birthday: June 2016:  we made corgi pictures. 

Reptiles and Minibeasts: May 2016 - Ranger Rob came to visit and showed us snakes, lizards, cockroaches and frogs - then we made frog pictures. 

Winter Animals Theme: Jan 2016 - penguins - well, they live in the snow!

Fireworks: November 2015

Fireworks: November 2015

Sikh festival Dussehra which leads up to Divali: coloured hands, Oct 2015.

Bubble paint pictures:  these were great fun 

Winter Theme:  Fingerprint raindrops (well, it does rain a lot in Manchester in the winter!).

Halloween: October 2017 - scary mummies

March 2017 - we made chicks, lambs and frogs to make a display. 

Autumn Theme: October 2016 - we made a display of autumn things. 

The Hungry Little Caterpillar theme: March 2016 - we made our own caterpillars.......

..... then we made butterflies!

Space theme:  Jan 2016 - we made rockets from triangles, rectangles and circles

The Gingerbread Man theme: Jan 2016 (we made some to eat too!)

Christmas: gifts we made - Dec 2015

Shark in the Park book theme: Sept 2015

Shark in the Park
the children said, "Sharks go Grrrrrrrrh", "They live in the sea" and "They eat cats!"

Winter Theme: snowman pictures and snowmen mobile.

Remembrance Sunday:
November 2017 - printing poppies

St George's Day:
April 2017 - we made St George's flags. 

Chinese New Year: January 2017 - we made roosters to celebrate year of the rooster.

Autumn Theme: October 2016 - we made autumn leaves by fingerpainting. 

Mother's Day:  March 2016 - we made cards for our Mummys and talked about what Mums do for us and why they are special to us.

Chinese New Year theme: February 2016 - we made monkey pictures for Year of the Monkey to decorate our Chinese restaurant. 

Valentine's Day theme: Feb 2016 - we made heart pictures to give to people we love.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea book theme: Sept 2015

The Tiger Who Came to Tea: we drew stripey tigers, Sept 2015

Valentine's Day: Pictures for people we love, Feb 2015

Pets Theme: we made tortoises and talked about whether they moved fast or slow - most of the children said they went really fast!